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Brewers Association publishes 2014 Beer Style Guidelines

The Brewers Association Beer Style Guidelines are reviewed and revised each year. This year a significant number of updates were made including editing, revision, deletion and/or addition of beer styles. Several hundred updates, far too numerous to count and enumerate were made.

Some of the highlights are:

  • All guidelines were rewritten to follow a standard format of appearance, aroma, flavor, body, etc. This format follows the sensory experience.
  • Many style groups were reorganized within historical groups in an order of roughly increasing original gravity and alcohol content
  • Style Origins were clarified
  • Several new guidelines were added, and/or underwent significant revision

New style categories:

  • Belgian-Style Fruit Beer
  • Australian-Style Pale Ale (peeled off from Australasian-Style Pale Ale)
  • Dutch-Style Kuit (Kuyt, Koyt)
  • Historical Beer (peeled off from Indigenous)
  • Wild Beer

Significant style revision

  • Australasian-Style Pale Ale – broken out into Australian-Style Pale Ale and Asian-Style Pale Ale
  • American-Style Fruit Beer
  • Herb and Spice Beer
  • Indigenous/Regional Beer

See the entire document here

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