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'BrewCycle' project to debut in Troy this weekend, Saratoga in July

The first 'BrewCycle' all set for passengers.
The first 'BrewCycle' all set for passengers.

Call this "The Summer of the BrewCycle." Well, ast least in two Capital Region cities.

A new business called Capital City BrewCycle -- which actually will not serve Albany until next summer -- will begin its bar yours with a three-stop Troy trip this weekend. A similar schedule will begin operating in Saratoga Springs next month.

Partners Anthony Ali, Corey Brown, J.J. Keville and Joe Maddalla created the company, modeled on something they spotted in beer-centric Portland, Oregon. They will be using a 15-passenger bicycle for the two-hour tours. Stops will vary as more bars are added.

Participating bars for this weekend's tours -- which will begin at 6, 8 and 10 p.m. -- are Bomber's Burrito Bar, Brown's Brewing, Footsy Magoo's, the Charles F. Lucas Confectionery & Wine Bar, and The Ruck. Rides, with 30-minute stops scheduled at each bar for patrons to purchase a bite and a brew, cost $25. The schedule for future weeks is three tours nightly Thursday through Saturday, with more added as dictated by demand. The bike is also is available for private tours and may be powered by as few as eight people.

BrewCycle has two bicycles with a third being built. A power-assisted version is in the oplanninb as well for hilly locations. The current bikes will be pedaled by customers except for three passengers who will be seated in the rear, commandeered by a designated, non-drinking Capital City BrewCycle.