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Atlanta has become a brew city

A collection of beers poured into glasses
A collection of beers poured into glasses
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Starting with Red Brick Brewing Company in 1993, Atlanta has bloomed into a flourishing garden of hop-heads and beer brewers with more than nine breweries in the Metro Atlanta area. Even with a rate of one to two breweries opening every year, the Atlanta beer culture is still widely unknown and misunderstood.

The first thing to know about beer is it’s not just for alcoholics. Of course, if you feed a crowd of thirsty Southerns alcohol, some one is going to have a little too much, but that why Über was created. The majority of the brewery groupies and brew pub hoppers sip suds simply for the sanguineness of the flavor and warm fuzzy feeling.

The second thing to know is it’s not just for adults. What? Enjoying alcoholic beverages is not just for adults? Correct. After visiting Sweetwater, Burnt Hickory, Terrapin, and Red Brick brew companies, it becomes apparent that sitting in someone’s backyard and eating ribs is something anyone can do. The only difference between a down home Georgia brew tour and a backyard barbecue is Aunt Sally Mae won’t be bringing her God-awful potato salad.

Third, brewing is a hobby. People go to brew tours and events to learn techniques to make their own beer, which is honestly not that expensive after the first batch. After purchasing the mash ton, coils, thermometers and the like, it is far cheaper to buy hops, barley, and whatever the heart desires to throw in the pot than it is to buy a six-pack of Yuengling every week.

The beer culture in Atlanta grows larger everyday. Become part of something new. To learn more about Atlanta’s brewerie, pubs, and places to purchase, check out these links:

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