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Brevard Zoo has Ziplining, too

The Raptor Experience requires a bird with patience and obedience to fly over the audience.

Birds may drop by to say hi.
Birds may drop by to say hi.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views
Get up close and personal with raptors, falcons, an eagle and more at Brevard Zoo.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views

With hawks, falcons and more, it's so how high up that they soar; there's a whole sky to explore.

Note how the bird flew straight to where there's food to accrue, even when it wasn't in plain view.

No sudden moves, they warn in advance. Don't create an attack stance. You can't leave that to chance.

That's just one thing to do at the Melbourne Zoo. Go find the kangaroo. See if pandas know kung fu.

Hold hands in romance, watching cuddly animals prance, and give that rare animal a second glance.

Support the zoos various events. They work hard on the contents to make for interesting segments.

Hope you brought your walking shoes. There's a whole zoo to cruise. Which path should you choose?

Donate a few cents to a program that prevents deforestation or get conservation animals for presents.

You can't accuse a snake of killing a rat of abuse. In the wild, food is their use. Others will reproduce.

Yes, we feel for the mice, but not everything in nature is nice. All natural food comes at a price.

At least this isn't wild domain, or you'd be on the food chain. If you feel an energy drain,

give into your own eating vice by ordering up a pizza slice and have a cold drink with lots of ice.

As nutrients pump through your vein, read and stimulate your brain, then take a ride on the train.

See various animals from the train track. Sign up to go kayak, then play a game of tick tack.

There's a fort to crawl into, a rope tunnel to pass through, and stuff to climb up like a monkey, too.

Play until it's time to go back. Secure belongings in a back pack. It's not hard to get the knack.

Sail across water that's blue. See a giraffe, no, two! Look how high the leaves are that they chew.

There's not much splash as you row. Look! There's a rhino. That's an animal you can get to know.

Want to do something they adore? Grab a brush up off the floor. Scrubbing their body is not a chore.

Rhinos might seem solid and slow, but don't mess with that horn though. It has power they can show.

Listen and hear a big cat roar. What's behind that door? Don't forget to get a memento at the store.

Imagine the wild without civilization and years of animal cohabitation, down to a tiny crustacean.

Act like you're Tarzan swinging on a vine while zooming high above the pine on the safari zipline.

Be supportive of a foundation that promotes wildlife conservation instead of deforestation.

Trace a fossil of bones and a spine, enjoy the Florida sunshine in an animal kingdom that's divine.

Wild animals can be intense, especially ones that are immense, so play it safe behind the fence.

Learn the history of animal reliance through a fun way of learning science, via an animal alliance.

For animal facts that are condense, the zoo has knowledge to dispense, so let a wild time commence.

For more on the Brevard County Zoo, there's a website you can go to:

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