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Brevard Ghost Hunters Make Florida Today Newspaper

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Bervard County Florida has a new kid in town! Previously know as the Ocala Paranormal Team, The Brevard Ghost Hunters stake a claim to the space coast paranormal arena.

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While it was a surprise, the team who's evidence has been seen on Bio channels My Ghost Story Caught On Camera and other area newspapers were excited to be featured on the Sunday papers front page. Interviewed at a mock investigation at the infamous crooked mile cemetery they enjoyed showing the photographer and reporter a little about what they do during an investigation of a haunted location. Rick, the reporter who did the interview was skeptical of the dowsing rods and though he was offered to try them, he decided it would be better to kept a short but safe distance from the team during the interview.

Unfortunately all the team members could not be present and were out of town, but the interview boosts the team as a whole and paranormal awareness in the area. "It is exciting to appear in the paper" the youngest member Cilla exclaims. Most kids from her high school knows she is a seasoned investigator but she remains vague about it at school since it is a subject most highschoolers get creeped out about it.

When asked, Gerry the team coordinator, was happy about the front page exposure. "People are not aware of what we do, the time involved and how an investigation is done". He hopes it brings some answers to those who may be experiencing activity and why it is important to seek a professional in the field.

The Brevard Ghost Hunters no longer do in home private investigations, they keep busy helping concur with other teams and doing their own research into the haunted locations throughout Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina as well as writing to inform the public about paranormal phenomena.