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Brett Hurt: 'Will I survive or die?' Stabbing victim shares survival story

Brett Hurt, one of several stabbing victims of a brutal attack carried out by a Pittsburgh area high school teenager, asked himself: "Will I survive or die?" Hurt shared his moving story of survival to reporters on Thursday and during his testimony he explained how an ordinary morning in the halls of Franklin Regional High School turned tragic.

As reported by NBC News today, Brett Hurt is the first victim to speak publicly since the attack on Wednesday. Many are calling Hurt's action heroic because he shielded his friend, Gracie Evans, from crazed knife-wielding teen, Alex Hribal.

Hurt doesn't remember much of the attack and all he recalled noticing was that a "kid" ran by and hit him on the back, CNN reported. "I didn't really know what was going on at the time," Hurt told the news agency. "I was walking down the hall with a friend of mine, Gracie Evans. And then it just all, like, hit. She was screaming, I was just standing there — like I didn’t know what was going on.”

At first, Hurt, a sophomore at Franklin Regional High in Murrysville, Pa., didn't realize he was stabbed in the back. "I remember messing around with Gracie, then getting hit in the back," Brett explained to USA Today. "That's when everything went straight into chaos."

When asked by reporters: "What was going through your mind?" He responded: "Will I survive or will I die."

Hurt then stated that Evans played a crucial part in his survival because she kept pressure on his back in order to slow the bleeding. "She saved my life," the 16-year-old said during the news conference.

The teen also said that he met the accused attacker, 16-year-old Alex Hribal, a couple of times but he didn't really know him. "He'll have to do the work to forgive himself," Hurt expressed. "Everybody has more than one road to take in life. You chose what path to take. Everybody can make right or wrong decisions."

Alex Hribal will be tried as an adult in the violent knife attack at Franklin Regional Senior High School where he studied.The victims in the stabbing attack were 20 students and a security guard, said the district attorney of the Westmoreland County, John Peck. The man who stopped Hribal's maniacal attack was 60-year-old Sam King, the assistant vice principal, and he wrestled the knife out of the teen's hand

Hribal faces four counts of attempted murder, 21 counts of aggravated assault and one count of carrying a weapon on school property, police records indicate.

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