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Bret Oldham on 'Children of the Greys'

The Children of the Greys
The Children of the Greys

Interview with Bret Oldham

1. When it comes to creating "The Children of the Greys" your experiences are obviously the catalyst and motivation. Could you go into your experiences with us some?

My abductions by the alien species commonly called the Greys began when I was five years old and are still continuing. The shock of suddenly coming face to face these hideous insect looking creatures at such a young age left an indelible mark on my psyche that has caused reoccurring nightmares ever since. My experiences since then have ran the gamut. I’ve been subjected to various medical procedures including sperm being taken which is akin to being repeatedly raped as all of this is against one’s will. I’ve had many different kinds of mental control and monitoring experiments done on me in which they create a scenario which usually derives from something they have pulled from my own memories and then recreate that reality in order to monitor my emotional reaction to it. I’ve been forced into sexual experiments with other humans and even female hybrids. I’ve got several unexplainable scars across my spine and puncture wound scars on the side of my upper torso from procedures done on me by them. In the late 80's I was taken, with my then girlfriend, who was almost 4 months pregnant at the time. I was forced to watch them remove the fetus from her. To this day she also remembers the event. On a subsequent abduction a few years later, a small female hybrid child was presented to me by another adult female hybrid. On the other hand, I’ve also had unexplainable healings of which I attribute to the Greys. Of course, this was most likely done more for their benefit than mine. I’ve included photos and sketches and I go into great detail about these and other experiences in my book.

2. Would you give us some background on you and your wife Gina’s paranormal investigation organization Halo Paranormal?

Gina and I have both had an interest in the paranormal since we were kids. A few years ago we decided to give it a name ( Halo Paranormal ) and work under that. We are a husband and wife team although we often work with other investigators. We are known for our evp ( electronic voice phenomena ) and ITC ( Instrumental Trans Communication ) work.
I’ve been experiencing paranormal activity since I was a kid which led me into researching and learning more about it. I now believe that the increase in paranormal events is a direct result of my abductions. Through our research, Gina and I have found many other alien abductees that have also experienced an increase in paranormal activity which began after their abductions did. I believe this is due to an increase in the energy vibrational frequency of the abductee due to the dimensional shift that happens during the abduction. The spirit world seems to be at the same or close to the same vibrational frequency which makes those of us who have had abductions experiences a beacon of sorts to them. I wrote about several of my paranormal experiences in the book and more about the connection to abductees because I feel it is a very important but often overlooked aspect of abduction research.

3. I’m sure it was an honor to have Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle to contribute to your book’s forward. What did his message embody?

Yes, it was an great honor to have the legendary Ufologist Dr. Sprinkle contribute the foreword for Children Of The Greys. We had some wonderful conversations about the trauma inflicted on experiencers and how to heal from it. He relayed to me some of his own experiences and how like me, it changed and enhanced his spiritual beliefs. In the foreword he summarizes the history and interpretations of alien research, the meanings and traditions of it throughout history and how it has evolved and changed through the years specifically in relation to our modern views on aliens. He writes about how that has affected our own human perceptions of spirituality and of how we view ourselves.

4. I see Brent Raynes, Brad Steiger, Kathleen Marden and Sandy Nichols contributed. I’d like for you to break down their messages from the book that they contributed for the next few questions. What did Brent Raynes contribute?

I asked all my contributors to give their views and insight on what they believe might be the alien agenda and how alien abductions plays into it. It could be the Greys agenda or any other alien species or simply an overview of what the alien agenda in general might be. Since it is such a complex question with no single answer, I wanted to present to the readers a wide spectrum of thought about this from well respected UFO/alien researchers who might each be looking at it from a slightly different angle.

Brent covered the vast amount of physical evidence that investigators have to work with in contactee cases and how consistent the similarities have been from the thousands of reported cases. He delved into other cultural views on the alien abduction phenomenon and how it played into their system of religious beliefs in which otherworldly beings such as elementals, Jinn and even fairies are thought to be doing the abducting.

5. Alright how about Brad Steiger and what did he have to say regarding this phenomenon?

Brad wrote about many of the conclusions he has arrived at after over 50 years of research. Not only is he convinced that an “external intelligence” has interacted with Homo sapiens throughout history but that they need us and much as we need them. He wrote about the possibility that these aliens may not be extraterrestrial but multidimensional beings; that we could be a part of complex large community of intelligences. He goes on to cover the spirituality and evolutionary aspect of human/alien interactions.

6. How about Kathleen Marden and her contribution, what was her message?

Kathleen’s research is based primarily on alien abductions. She focused on her perception of the Greys agenda based on the multitude of alien abduction cases she has investigated. She recently completed a year long research project called “Commonalities Study Final Report” that was designed to identify commonalities among abduction experiencers. I participated in that project and have found the results to be very interesting. She shares much of that report in her contribution as well as other insights on alien abductions she has learned from her years of research.

7. What about Sandy Nichols what did he contribute to the book?

Sandy wrote an in depth piece about the history of alien visitation. He gives many references to ancient cultures, their Gods, the alien connection and the influences ancient aliens have had on mankind. Sandy also gives his personal perspective of the alien agenda based on his own life long abduction experiences.

8. When it comes to your experiences Bret why do you think you were picked for these events and how do you view the Grey aliens? Do you them to be malicious? Have you seen any other beings besides the Greys?

I think the Greys are interested in certain genetic traits. The seem to have DNA preferences. I am Native American, English and Irish and that particular DNA combination appeals to them. I have found this same or close to this same ethnicity in many abductees. I also think it runs in families. Once they find what they like they stay with that family generation after generation.

I don’t view the Greys as being purposely malicious. I sense desperation in their actions. I believe that they are trying to save their species and doing whatever it takes to achieve that end. They have done very cruel things to me. They’ve hurt me physically and they have hurt me mentally. It’s taken a very long time to release the anger I had from what they have subjected me too. Now I try and take away the positives from my experiences. They have healed me before, I’ve been forced to become a stronger person because of them. I’ve developed a more loving and open view of the world and it’s inhabitants because of my experiences. I’ve also learned to use my increased energy frequency in energy healing and I no longer fear the constant spirit contact as a result from it but instead embrace it and use it to help both the living and those on the other side.

I have seen other beings besides the Greys. I’ve seen both male and female hybrids. I’ve seen some kind of a grotesque baby that I don’t know what it was. On two occasions I’ve seen what I perceived as other humans working along side the Greys. These were not other humans who, like me, had been taken but rather human men all wearing the same kind of tight black uniforms and who all looked very similar to each other.

9. I recently had an experience via a vision quest type scenario and in it I was lying on a slab and grey aliens were standing around me. I woke up and had fears and trauma come up and it was like a knot being untied but felt better late. I always wondered if I had been taken after seeing so many UFOs in the past and yes even beings but never Greys. But this memory had the Greys which surprised me. What do you have to say about dealing with the anxiety and madness these events bring upon us over the years?

The important thing is to find the source and confirm it. That is the first step in the process of healing. People who are experiencers may suspect these events have happened to them but do not want to fully except the reality of it. Most would rather dismiss it, bury it away somewhere deep in their subconscious, and carry on with their life. For a few, that works but for most it does not. The trauma will surface in one way or another; self esteem issues, various addictions, sleep disorders, anxiety and so on. My experiences surfaced in the form of anxiety attacks. It took years for that to happen but when it did it was severe. I suggest leaving the memories of any abduction events alone if it is not affecting or disrupting your life and consider yourself one of the lucky ones if that is the case. If it is beginning to surface then find a therapist who has a reputation for taking on alien abduction cases. I have never had hypnotic regression in order to remember my abductions but it can be helpful. I didn’t need regression therapy as mine began to come out without it. Learning relaxation techniques, self hypnosis, regular meditation and sharing your experiences with a therapist and others are all a direct path to healing. It is very important to not become a victim to the experiences. Learn to accept it, release as much of the anger as possible, and empower yourself using the methods I mentioned.

10. I am very much looking forward to interviewing you on Erica Goetch’s show The Galactic Connection very soon. What are you up to next book wise or projects wise and do you havie any links you would like to share?

Since “Children Of The Greys” was just released we have been busy getting the word out about it. I want to bring as much public awareness and acceptance to the reality of alien abductions as I can and I want to help other experiencers. No one should have to suffer in silence as I did for so many years. I have started the concept and outline for my next book but that’s in the very early stage right now. Gina and I have been approached by a production company to do a new television show which we are working on the concept with them at the present time. If we can work out something that is new and different then we will proceed with that. I am very interested in doing a documentary on alien abductions and hoping to find a production company to work with.

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