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Bret Michaels medical emergency: Singer rushed off stage during concert

Bret Michaels of the hit reality show "Rock of Love" had a medical emergency tonight that shocked his fans. He was in the middle of a concert when he ended up having to leave the stage. Pete Evick has been keeping fans posted on what is going on via Bret's Facebook page on Thursday night. Fans were shocked to see him leave the stage and not even finish the song he was performing.

Bret Michaels
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

He shared that he has been working with Bret for five years now. Pete has never seen anything like this happen at all and he was shocked. Bret had to leave the stage and have him take over for him. Michael's blood sugar was so low that he had to leave the stage and stop doing his performance. He wasn't even able to finish the concert but did come on to tell them that he wasn't going to be able to continue.

At this time, they are not updating about how Bret Michaels is doing but he was taken to be checked on. Paramedics are making sure that he will be okay and monitoring him at this time. Updates will continue to come for Bret because they know his fans want to know what is going on with him. His fans are going to the status and sending their prayers to him. They feel like he is strong and that things are going to work out for him. Bret has a great group of fans that are behind him all the way.

The first announcement tonight came on Bret's website. His fans are rushing to look at his page and making it hard to even connect to read the information. It just explained that his blood sugar was low and that he had to leave the stage. This show tonight was in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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