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Bret Michaels gets new reality show after 'Celebrity Apprentice' finale


  Bret Michaels.  AP Photo/Dan Steinberg.

After recovering from a brain hemorrhage, Bret Michaels intends to appear in the final episode of Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice", and will go on to star in a new VH1 series this Fall.

Michaels previously starred in three seasons of VH1's "Rock of Love". The cable network plans to continue their good relationship with him, at least for ten episodes of another reality show.

The new series, according to Variety, will be about Michaels' everyday life with his two daughters and their mother.

A special sneak-peek episode of the series will air at 10 p.m. Memorial Day.

Following his career as front man for the rock band Poison, his association with the American Diabetes Association, his finalist position on "Apprentice", and his VH1 popularity, Bret Michaels is rocking life.

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