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Brendan Lee Johnson, Cassandra Ann Rieb murder grandparents, expect inheritance

Caution tape at a crime scene
Caution tape at a crime scene
Wikimedia Commons

Brendan Lee Johnson and Cassandra Ann Rieb of Sterling, Colorado, killed Johnson's grandparents because they were hoping to collect an inheritance. According to WPTV, the teenage couple murdered Charles and Shirley Severance, both 70, hoping that Brendan would get some money after they had passed away. The only thing he got, however, was arrested.

"Nineteen-year-old Brendan Lee Johnson and 18-year-old Cassandra Ann Rieb appeared in court Wednesday in Sterling, a small city on Colorado's rural northeastern plains, a day after they were arrested," WPTV reports. The two told police that they had planned to kill Mr. and Mrs. Severance by "smothering them with pillows" while they were sleeping.

Brendan Lee Johnson and Cassandra Ann Rieb wanted to inherit the Severance's house and approximately $20,000. Apparently the teens thought they would get away with murder but their plan blew up in their faces. Despite trying to "hide" one of the bodies about 30 miles away, police located both bodies and are investigating the crime scenes according to CBS News. Autopsies are also pending.

Sterling police explained in a statement:

"Investigator teams are processing both crime scene locations where the remains were found. One of the locations is at the Prewitt Reservoir, which is located approximately 18 miles southwest of Sterling along Highway 6. The second location is several miles west of Lorenzo, Neb."

Brendan Lee Johnson, 19, and Cassandra Ann Rieb, 18, are due in court Wednesday and could face charges ranging from first-degree murder to theft.

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