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Brendan Lee Johnson Cassandra Ann Rieb: Killed grandparents out of pure greed

Teens kill grandparents out of greed: Judge orders them held with no bond.
Teens kill grandparents out of greed: Judge orders them held with no bond.
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When Brendan Lee Johnson and Cassandra Ann Rieb decided they would kill Johnson's grandparents for the inheritance, they took a few months to conjure up a plan. The plan was to strangle the couple in their 70s as they slept in their small Sterling, Colorado home. That took a turn for the worst when the grandfather was awake, according to Fox News on June 5.

Charles and Shirley Severance were in bed, but Charles was awake and when his grandson went to suffocate him with a pillow, he struggled. The killing of the elderly couple wasn't as easy as planned and neither was the disposing of the bodies.

Both teens tried strangling Shirley, but she put up a fight. She was offering her grandson the contents of their safe to leave them alone. She asked him "why are you doing this to me?" According to Yahoo News, Johnson stabbed Shirley as she was trying to get into the safe to give him the contents.

He answered her with stab wounds, using a knife he grabbed out of the kitchen. He stabbed his grandmother to death. Johnson believes that while he was trying to strangle his grandfather, he died of a heart attack.

Once they were caught, they told police they drove Shirley's body to another location in Sterling and burned it in a fire pit. They buried the remains, but later dug up the charred remains and took some to Nebraska.

Both Johnson and Rieb had planned transport the bodies to another state and cut them up and burn them, but Charles was too big. So they transported Shirley and burned her body and scattered her remains in two states.

Now the plans had changed and Johnson and Reib had to clean up the grandparents house, the one they were supposedly going to inherit. They waited several days to call the police. They report that they came over to the house and found Charles' body and the grandmother missing.

Johnson was living with his grandparents after recently graduating high school. Apparently he had visions of inheriting all they owned, which included a small house and about $20,000.

His girlfriend was quick to tell her side of the story claiming that they did everything together. Apparently she is staying loyal even if this means her life is over.

She'll most likely spend the rest of her days in jail if convicted, or she will be an old woman when she's eligible for payroll or finishes out her sentence.

The judge hearing of this unbelievable cold-blooded crime had both teens held without bond. The judge told them of the possible charges they are looking at including first-degree murder, aggravated robbery, forgery and theft.

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