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Brenda Song to star in '5 More' movie

Brenda Song on the set of '5 More'.

Brenda Song was recently cast in the upcoming psychological film, Five More which is a sequel to Lifetime's 2011 Five movie. Deadline reported that Jennifer Aniston will produce the project on December 4, 2012. Aniston was one of the producers of the initial movie, which featured five stories about breast cancer. Demi Moore, Patty Jenkins and Alicia Keys also helmed the original Five ​movie for Lifetime.

Five More will consist of five short movies on mental illness, with Aniston and co-creator Marta Kauffman returning as executive producers.

Brittany Snow confirmed Brenda Song's appearance in the movie by posting a Twitter picture of Song on set. Snow tweeted: ''Brenda Song from Social Network and @brittanysnow taking a #loveislouder break on the set of #5more.''

Ashley Judd is set to direct one of the short movies. Her film, Maggie, focuses on females in the US military. In a series of Twitter posts, Judd tweeted, "My short film is about PTSD resulting from military sexual trauma (MST). 1/3 of all US servicewomen are raped by fellow American soldiers. There are roughly 52 sexual assaults per day in our military. And yet, the DoD (Department of Defense) says assault is under-reported by 86%!"

Judd has recruited many stars to star including Oscar-winners Octavia Spencer and Jennifer Hudson, "I am all over this directing thing! Being an actor does make a huge difference."

She also tweeted, "@brittanysnow & @iamjhud were a director's dream today! Interesting, powerful, ultimately very moving scene. Loving this job!"


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