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Brenda Song's 'First Kiss' heads to TriMedia Film Festival

Brenda Song's short comedy First Kiss is set to be screened at the annual TriMedia Film Festival from September 7 till 9 in Fort Collins, Colorado. The festival is known for having an ''innovative tri-medi focus featuring independent film, TV pilots/specials, and live theatre, with a PG-13 or equivalent rating limit''.

Charles Hood directed and wrote the film, which is about a young couple who encounter all sorts of obstacles while trying their first kiss. Natalie Victoria and Sam Mazzello co-star in the film.

Song, last seen in Oscar-winning The Social Network, starred in the short comedy alongside her Social Network co-star Joseph Mazzello.

First Kiss has been a fan favorite at many popular film festivals all over the US. The film was initially shown at the 85th annual Catalina Film Festival and Omaha Film Award, where it won the Best Short Film award. At the Catalina Film Festival, PressPassLA reported that the film was a clear fan favorite from the start. The news site reported:

Next up, was First Kiss, a clear crowd favorite from the start. A simple tale about a guy and girl attempting to lock lips and coming up against unforeseen obstacles- meddling roommates, strangers attempting to steal their parking spot, neighbors moving, even a poor dog who is just at the wrong place at the wrong time! The audience was laughing throughout and the short did a good job of poking fun at itself.

The film was later screened at several film festivals including the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival, Free State Film Festival and Hills Film Festival. In early August, the film will be screened at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.


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