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Brenda Song returns to 'Scandal'

Brenda Song is set to return to 'Scandal' this season.
Brenda Song is set to return to 'Scandal' this season.

Brenda Song is going to return to the second season of ABCs political thriller, ''Scandal''. ''Scandal'' star Josh Malina confirmed on December 30 that the actress is returning to the show by tweeting ''Hell yeah'' in response to a tweet saying: ''Will Brenda Song be back as David's assistant in future episodes''.

Song, 24, portrays Alyssa in the popular series. Her character was initially introduced during the end of the show's first season as a law student who works as David Rosen's assistant. The series is primarily about Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) who dedicates her life to protecting the public images of the nation's elite.

''The Social Network'' star has sporadically appeared in numerous episodes of the series since June last year, her most recent appearance was in the November 15 episode, ''Spies like Us''.

Song spent last year focusing on her career. In February, she was cast as one of the leads in NBC's ''Daddy's Girls'' pilot which did not get picked up for the fall season despite being a strong contender. She also appeared in Comedy Central's ''Key and Peele'' television show and starred in the award-winning short film, ''First Kiss''. She was most recently cast in Fox's ''New Girl'' for a recurring role this season.