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Brenda Gold cheerleader: At 54 Gold reaches for pom-poms of Cincinnati Ben-Gals

Brenda Gold tries out for Bengals cheerleader at 54.
Brenda Gold tries out for Bengals cheerleader at 54.

Brenda Gold cheerleader, that’s the title the 54-year-old is going for on the sidelines of the NFL. Gold is going to give it her all to get on the cheer-leading squad when the Cincinnati Ben-Gals have tryouts in May. The Ben-Gals are what the Bengals' cheerleaders call themselves.

According to Fox Sports on March 1, Gold has always been athletic and from the sounds of her resume, she probably could be called an overachiever when it comes to playing sports. Today she is the mother of two grown kids and a math teacher.

In high school Gold was a three-sport athlete and besides training in dance most of her life, she was on the University of Kentucky volleyball team while in college. Now at 54 she has a new dream and that’s to get out on the sidelines of a NFL stadium and cheer for the Cincinnati Bengals with the Ben-Gals cheer-leading squad.

Gold is serious and not only has she been training at home, but she recently appeared on “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” where she was given a makeover in preparation for her cheer-leading tryout. She said on a TV interview in Ohio recently that “I really think I can do this.”

The tryouts are in May and the cheerleaders come in masses to compete for the few vacancies that are open in comparison to the amount of cheer-leading hopefuls to show up. If Gold does become one of the newest members of the Ben-Gals, will this open the door for more mature woman to join the ranks of the cheerleaders in the nation of the NFL?