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Brenda Gold Bengals: Gold, 54, out to prove she is NFL cheerleader material

Brenda Gold Bengals: Gold out to prove she is NFL cheerleader material at 54
Brenda Gold Bengals: Gold out to prove she is NFL cheerleader material at 54

Is Brenda Gold Bengals cheerleader material? Normally someone trying out for a NFL cheer leading squad isn't major news, but in Gold's case it is worth taking note.

According to FOX Sports Ohio report on Mar.1, Gold is a natural in sports. She was a three-sport athlete in high school, played volleyball at the University of Kentucky, and trained in dancing for most of her life. So being an athlete is second nature for Gold. So what's the big deal? Gold's age.

Gold is 54, but could seemingly pass for 34 in many photos.

To her son Matt, it doesn't surprise him at all that his mother is thinking more about staying active than retiring.

"She was probably watching a Bengals game and saw the cheerleaders and said to herself, 'I can do that,'" said Gold, who works at Software Engineering Professionals in Carmel. "She probably can, too."

"Cheerleading would be a natural extension of that," said Matt Gold. Plus, she was voted most spirited in high school (she started cheerleading in sixth grade). And she is in darn good shape.

Gold also got some notoriety from the show "Live with Kelly and Michael" when she was selected to have a make over. The results even made the hosts blush.

"Look how sexy this is," said Kelly Ripa.

"Coming from a guy who came from sports, you can cheer for my team anytime," said Strahan, a former NFLer with the New York Giants.

Gold is currently a math teacher, and mother of two, but it seems that when this woman has her eye set on something she goes for it 100%, and isn't that a good thing? Hopefully her age won't hold her back when it comes to being judged on if she makes the squad or not.


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