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Breitling Sets its Sights on the Stars

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Breitling has always been an unconventional watch brand. Setting themselves apart from the norm, they’ve long been recognisable for their high quality, professional timepieces that are suitable for wear by both executives and aeronauts alike. Now, they’ve gone one step further by launching what will be the official watch of weightless passenger flights.

From Maiden Voyage to Making History

Breitling were already responsible for the production of the renowned NavitimerCosmonaute, which, a watch designed for the weightless Aurora 7 flight and worn by pilot Scott Carpenter, in 1962. The Navitimer had a 24 hour gradation and was the first wristwatch to ever travel into space. Now, Breitling seek to replicate this honour by sponsoring the maiden voyage of the Swiss S3 project, which is intended to carry paying passengers into space for the first time in 2015.

A Good Year for Publicity

Breitling has been in the news for all the right reasons recently. They made their presence known at Basel world 2014 – one of the most prestigious watch and jewellery fairs in the world, and vintage Breitling pieces have been going under the hammer at some of the UK’s most respected auction houses. In fact, it was at Basel world that Breitlingunveilied their newest Navitimer, which flies in the face of recent watchmaking trends by expanding up to an unprecedented 48mm in diameter. Individualistic, uncluttered and instantly recognisable, the new Navitimer carries with it all the legacy of its 1962 aeronautical counterpart.

Finding Your Perfect Breitling Timepiece

Auction houses and watch fairs are great places to pick up new and vintage Breitling timepieces, but these methods aren’t accessible to everyone. Nevertheless, any Breitling devotee can pick up their own beautiful watch quite easily, simply by visiting Market Cross Jewellers. Your watch may not have made it into space, but it’ll be a part of a long tradition of forward thinking from this brand with its sight set firmly on the stars.

Breitling is a great brand, but it’s also important to carefully consider which watch is right for you, before making a purchase. Some top tips for watch-buying include:

· Taking stock of your wardrobe and overall style before making a decision.

· Deciding what type of events you intend to wear your watch to.

· Sticking to your budget and not overspending on a timepiece you may only wear occasionally.

· Considering the benefits of investing in a timepiece that you will appreciate over time.