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Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) harms innocent dogs and families

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) harms innocent dogs and families
Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) harms innocent dogs and families
Lyn Lomasi

At least a million, possibly more, bully breed dogs are euthanized in American shelters every year. Many of those affected did nothing to get that death sentence. They were simply born as the "wrong" breed. A large portion of these dogs are loving dogs and some were stripped from their families -- from good, loving homes.

Why? Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL).

BSL in simple terms is any piece of legislation that has rules geared toward a specific dog breed or type. Often, the bully breeds, such as pit bulls, are victims of this legislation. These laws are generally created to protect people from dangerous situations. However, research shows that these laws do not work and often have very harsh unintended consequences.

While usually created with good intention, these laws are often misguided. Pit bulls may be the most bred dog type in the United States. But they are also the least likely to attack people. In fact, they are specifically bred to be very loving toward people. Any dog, regardless of breed, can attack when handled improperly.

Because of a small portion of people who misuse, mistreat, and abuse these dogs by teaching and breeding them to fight, pit bulls have gotten a bad reputation.

Yes, there are vicious pit bulls and other bully breeds out there and yes, there have been some attacks on humans. However, when you do the math, the number of pit bulls that have not attacked is astoundingly higher than the number who have. In fact, according to one source, only .00125 % are likely to ever fatally attack a human. That's an extremely low percentage, as compared to how many of them we humans are fatally attacking by sentencing them to be euthanized simply for being born.

Not only are these laws unfair to the dogs, who by the way did not ask to be here, but they are unfair to families as well. Unfortunately, our family experienced this travesty firsthand when a dog we hand-rescued was ripped from our home due to these brutal laws. Look at that sweet face in the picture above cuddling with a human and a baby kitten who she treated as her own baby and you tell me how vicious she is.

That's Lulu, the pit bull someone dumped on the streets to die. You can read Lulu's story here: . But be sure to grab a box of tissue first. We never knew Lulu was a pit bull. We only found out in the moments when we were forced to give her up. That dog loved us more than life itself but because of a law based on fear, rather than fact, she was torn from the first people to ever care about her -- possibly the first people she was ever able to trust.

Read Lulu's story ( and share it if you feel compelled. Read the facts posted at the other source links and you tell me who deserves to be punished -- the humans or the dogs?

Photo Credit: Lyn Lomasi
(Lulu cuddling with myself and a kitten who she thought was her own baby)



*I originally published this on Heart 'N Mind Paw Rescue:

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