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Brecksville Little Theatre: Inherit the Wind

Inherit the Wind
Inherit the Wind

The Scopes Monkey Trial pitted science against religion and led to the book and movie starring Spencer Tracy, Inherit the Wind. This spectacular courtroom drama is being performed in the Cleveland area at the Brecksville Little Theatre. Running now thru February 12th, with Friday and Saturday evening performances and Sunday matinees.

According to the Brecksville Little Theatre website:

"In the middle of the hot 1925 Tennessee summer, the famous "Monkey Trial" took place, where a science teacher named John Scopes was accused and convicted of violating the Butler Act, passed earlier that year to restrict the teaching of evolution in public schools."
"It is a fictionalized story about a conflict in American culture that is as relevant today as it was in 1955 and 1925."

Directions to Brecksville Little Theatre

Reservations: 440-526-4477


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