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Breathtaking Niagara Falls & Cosmopolitan Toronto

Breathtaking Falls!
Breathtaking Falls!
Hilen Cruz

Have you been considering to visit Canada for a few days? Consider no more! For us, who reside in the southwestern side of the U.S. flying to Buffalo New York -since arirfares are considerably lower for national flights than for international ones, renting a car at the airport, and hitting the road was a great option and totally worth it for our four-days tour around that area... But allow me to go more into details!

Breathtaking Niagara Falls
Hilen Cruz

A) Regular low-season airfares from Phoenix, AZ to Buffalo, NY cost around $300 or $350 USD... Not too bad!

B) Four-days car rental with Enterprise amounted to $250 USD... Reasonable, considering that insurance was included and more importantly, one is allowed to freely take the rental car into Canadian territory!

C) Hotels may vary a big deal according to location and one's personal needs and preferences... Wide range of prices available.

After landing in Buffalo, NY it only takes aproximately 25 minutes to reach the U.S.-Canada border line and Niagara Falls. The most astonishing view of Niagara Falls can be enjoyed from the Canadian side. Public parking is available for $14 USD per day. There are restaurants, souvenir shops, and boat tours available as well. The boats take tourists the closest possible to the Falls -wearing a rain coat is a must for it is like going into heavy rain. It was our preference to spend only about two hours enjoying the view and taking pictures, and headed to Toronto that same afternoon. It only takes a 90-minute drive to go from Niagara Falls to Toronto's downtown.

Oh! Toronto is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!!! Super ccosmopolitan, clean, organized, fun, and friendly! CN Tower is by far the attaraction #1 in town. Holding -once upon a time- the record of the talllest building in the world, Toronto's visitors love to ride its elevators to enjoy a magnificent city view. The more daring ones would pay aproximately $150 USD to get the high-adrenaline experience of hanging off the tower! That wouldn't be me... perhaps sky diving sounds far more appealing! Other attractions in town are the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) which holds a mixture of traditional and contemporary art; the Casa Loma Mansion, which is divine, but also a great example of excentricity; The Shoe Museum; Old Toronto, where one can find great fresh fruit, veggies, cheese, and meat at the very original St. Lawrence Market; China Town; and of course, the fancy Distillery District!

Morale: This Niagara Falls/Toronto combo is completely worth it! Can't wait to go back!

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