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Breathtaking Actor Linus Ekman

Acto Linus Ekman
Linus Ekman

Most women in Sweden know actor Linus Ekman as the heartthrob of their dreams; but Ekman is more than just good-looking, he is also an incredible actor who has starred in several award-winning Swedish films.

In the film Something Begins, Something Ends, directed by Mikael Bundsen, Ekman plays the starring role of Jonas. The film, which has been described as "A group of guys in suburbia, the first summer after graduation. Their lives are in flux and the future feels uncertain. A depiction of the utter panic about growing up, about needing a plan for the firs time and the reluctance to follow it through," offers a realistic look at the challenges of growing up.

Ekman’s character Jonas, is a recent high school graduate who is thrilled to have landed a six month volunteer job in Cape Town, South Africa; however, his best friend and co-star Rasmus, played by Oscar Rydelius, is uncomfortable with the idea of Jonas, and the rest of his group of friends, moving on so easily after graduation.

While Rasmus applied and got accepted to law school in another city without even telling his best buds, he struggles with idea of embarking on a new journey, which in his mind, means leaving behind so much of what has defined him for most of his teenage years, his friends.

Ekman was a knockout in the role, which portrayed a teen that is eager to move on from one chapter to the next, but is faced with the attachments of friends who are far from ready to take on the challenge. His performance was so incredible that it led the film to the Nordisk Panorama - 5 Cities Film Festival where it debuted and received international praise.

The film, which was produced by Erik Hemmendorff at Plattform Produktion, delves into a common theme faced by most high school graduates who are met with the abrupt challenge of discovering what the next step in their lives will be.

The message of Something Begins, Something Ends is easy, don’t let your friend’s fears of the future hold you back from turning your dreams into reality.

Erik Hemmendorff, who co-founded the production company Plattform Produktion with Ruben Östlund, is known for creating award-winning films that aim to enlighten youths around the world on a myriad of subjects. His most recent film Tourist, debuted this week at the renowned Cannes Film Festival in France.

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