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Breathing techniques during labor


Think of something relaxing during your breathing techniques

Breathing is extremely important during labor. It is very important to practice and know breathing techniques before labor begins so you are well prepared. There are many child birthing classes available in Milwaukee for you to learn different breathing techniques and exercises .

  1. Start and end with a deep cleansing breath before and after each contraction. The purpose of a cleansing breath is to bring oxygen to the baby and mom. It creates relaxation and reduces the pain.
  2. Be as relaxed as possible. You may prefer a shoulder or back massage from your partner to keep you relaxed and focused.
  3. Concentrate on breathing at a slower rate than you normally do to keep you as relaxed as possible.
  4. Create a pattern that works for you. Nobody can tell you what works best for you as everyone has a different opinion.
  5. If you feel one breathing pattern isn’t working for you, feel free to switch. Changing your mind about anything is completely normal at this point. Some women prefer abdominal breathing while others prefer chest breathing.
  6. If you are using Lamaze style breathing don’t use it until you absolutely have to. If you start your breathing patterns too early, you may become fatigued faster and may feel as if you want to give up sooner.

It is significant that you focus on your breathing and keep reminding yourself that you can indeed do it. Be sure your partner or labor coach is there to keep you motivated and focused through your contractions.