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Breathe New Life into Your Valentine's Heart... and Yours.


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It seems that people these days are saying that Valentine's Day is too commercialized, its forced on guys to do something romantic, its too expensive, its cheesy and cliche, or whatever reasons they come up with NOT to celebrate this day. 

I say we need to breathe new life into it and EMBRACE Valentine's Day.  Go ahead and be cheesy and romantic.  Women may say they don't want anything, but most really do and hey, it works both ways...gals can do stuff for their guys too.  I think we need to DROP the excuses and go for ROMANCE!

I think if you give, you will be surprised how much of a positive effect it will have on YOU and your significant other. It feels good to make someone smile and that's what its really all about. 

On that note, here are some suggestions for you to do something special, whatever it may be, cliche or not.

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  • A romantic dinner...cliche, I know, but it is in Las Vegas there are a number of great places for doesn't have to be on Valentine's Day as that day will most likely be crazy, but make the effort.  I asked around and many people recommended Grape St. Cafe in Las Vegas.  They have a wonderful atmosphere and great prices for food and wine.  They are located at 7501 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 9128 check them out at
  • If you are on a budget, make a special dinner at home.  Its much less expensive and can be very romantic.  Check out the many recipes on the food network site and you'll find a variety of delicious dinners and desserts geared for V-Day you can make yourself and not break the bank.
  • cannot go wrong with flowers and while most delivery places tend to jack up the prices on V-Day, especially for roses, there are some places online that have specials, especially in this economy right now or better yet...if you are on a tight budget, you can buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers (they don't have to be roses) at somewhere like Trader Joe's for 10 dollars or under...and if you want to be more practical because "flowers don't last", get her one of their gorgeous potted orchids. They are absolutely beautiful and very romantic. Check out where your nearest Trader Joe's
  • Jewelry...okay, another cliche gift, but women do love jewelry.  I'd probably stay away from the "heart-shaped" jewelry unless its something she really wants, but another great option is a necklace or a bracelet with a charm on it that can be personally engraved or a certain charm that is personal to that person.  It doesn't have to be super expensive to get a really nice piece of jewelry that means something special. 
  • Make a can go to any Walgreen's or store with a photo center and print out some pictures of the two of you and put them in a beautiful frame to make a personalized and touching gift for someone, and for a very reasonable price.  You can also go a step further and go to a store like Michael's and buy some jewels or flowers or lettering so you can make extra touches for the frame to make it one of a kind. I did this for my best friend for a special occasion and it really meant a lot to her.
  • Another great idea (one I would personally love) is to treat her or him to a day at the favorite place here in Las Vegas is The Medical Spa in Summerlin, where you can get facial specialties such as microdermabrasion, Silkpeel or a signature spa facial, chemical peels, body wraps, minor cosmetic procedures, and laser hair removal.  Their prices are extremely reasonable and I love the staff there.  Check them out at
  • For your man, try giving him or treating him to a massage or surprise him by with tickets to see one of his favorite sporting just might have fun yourself.   If he likes being a handy-man around the house, a gift certificate to Home Depot so he can pick out his own power tool might do the trick.  Jewelry isn't limited to just the ladies.  There are some great pieces of masculine jewelry out there now too and hey, men like getting flowers just as much as women do...I've given flowers to men and it has always been well received. 
  • Chocolate is something you both can share...who doesn't love chocolate? Check out Godiva Chocolates...they always have some great specials going on during Valentine's Day.
  • For something TOTALLY different and extremely MEANINGFUL, Go RED AND MAKE A DONATION in your significant other's name or as a tribute to someone they love who may be or has been affected by heart disease to THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION at   You can find many more ideas at the site.
  • If you are single, pamper yourself to any of the above.  You deserve a special day too.

These are just a few suggestions.  My whole point is to breathe new life into a day where people have become so cynical and feel it has become too commercialized that they do everything in their power to rebel, so they end up doing nothing and probably feel miserable about it.  Call me an optimist or a hopeless romantic, but in my opinion, its all in your attitude and Valentine's Day is only forced or commercialized if YOU allow it to affect you that way.  Don't let what others say or think ruin it for YOU or your significant other.

If you still don't believe in the magic of Valentine's Day or romance, again, you can always make a donation to The American Heart Association, The ASPCA  (something near and dear to my heart...animals need love too:), or any other charitable organization that has meaning to you or the special someone in your life.  There are NO excuses for not making Valentine's Day special somehow, someway.

GIVING something to someone that makes them smile or makes them feel special can breathe new life back into YOUR own heart.  Try just might like the way it makes YOU feel. 

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