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Breath of Fire 20th Anniversary

These are a few screenshots from BoF I-V.
These are a few screenshots from BoF I-V.

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the Breath of Fire series in the U.S. It launched in 1994 thanks to Square Enix, then Square, publishing Capcom’s SNES RPG. The last game to come out in the series was Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter in 2002 for the PS2. 2002!

This is the box art for BoF.
Square Enix, Nintendo, Capcom

Needless to say it’s been awhile and fans have been craving a sequel for some time now. Unfortunately Capcom answered their pleas with the announcement of the sixth installment…for mobile phones. It’s not the best reveal, but hey, let’s skip the dire talk and get to what makes the series great.

Like the Final Fantasy, or even the Legend of Zelda series, each Breath of Fire game are unique tales that are not continuations. There are common themes within each game. For example, there is always a blue haired boy named Ryu who has the power to transform into dragons. There are also other recurring characters, places, monsters, and more. As for the gameplay, BoF I-IV features various forms of turn-based RPG combat whereas BoF V changed things up a bit by adding tactical elements. The series may not feature the production levels of a Final Fantasy, but each game is a good if not great.

So what’s next for the series? Maybe the release of BoF VI will ignite public passion and cause Capcom to make more games. A console sequel would be awesome, but this writer would even settle for a handheld remake of one of the games for the PS Vita, or 3DS. For now let’s remember this long forgotten series that is Breath of Fire.

Watch a special retrospective history on the Breath of Fire franchise at ReActionExaminer’s YouTube Channel.

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