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Breastmilk, the only thing you need to heal your baby's minor illnesses.

Baby's bottom can benefit from breast milk applications to cure rashes.
Baby's bottom can benefit from breast milk applications to cure rashes.
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Did you know you can hand express your breast milk onto your baby's bottom to help cure a diaper rash?  If your infant gets all schnoogy and stuffed up, you can squirt a little up his or her nose to help fight the respiratory infection.  Breast milk is antibacterial.  Your body actually knows how to change the make up of your milk to meet your baby's needs.  Breast milk contains lactoferrin, which is the source of iron in your milk, but is also antiviral and antibacterial.  According to the Le Leche League, other components in breast milk actually protect the infant on a molecular level because their shape inhibits pathogens from accessing the infant.  You will be happy to know that the protective effects extend beyond weaning. 

If your baby develops a rash, squirt some breast milk on it, allow the milk to air dry on the area, and if you can, allow the baby to go diaper free for as often as possible.  Colds are easily nipped in the bud with a few squirts of breast milk up each nare of the nose.  Pink eye (conjunctivitis) can be treated by squirting breast milk into the lower eye lid by pulling it away from the eye ball.  This is called the conjunctival sac.  Squirt milk in there and allow it to sit, gently wiping outward from the inner corner to the outer edge of the eye only if absolutely necessary and with a different clean tissue for each eye each time.  Hand washing is of the greatest importance to prevent spreading the contagion.  You can even apply breast milk to your nics, cuts, scrapes and burns.  If you get a cold, inhaling some breast milk will help you as well.  As the maker of the milk, your body begins to develop antibodies to the pathogens you are exposed to, these are then passed on to your nursling via your breast milk! 

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