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Breastfeeding: Stop listening to all the advice and look at the facts

First times moms always have so much advice given to them, most of the time it’s conflicting with other advice they have been given. Choosing to breastfeed or use formula is one of those topics that everyone has advice and a story to tell. These stories can make new moms confused and sometimes scared that they will make the wrong choice. Well the best advice is to stop listening to advice and look at the facts about the benefits of breastfeeding.

Get the facts about breastfeeding
Photo by Veejay Villafranca/Getty Images

There are so many benefits of breastfeeding that are facts and not just advice. Breast milk is easier for infants to digest, even with all the advances in formulas. Breast milk changes as your babies needs grow and change. The hormones and antibodies in breast milk help your infant fight disease and illness. This are just a few benefits there are so many more. There is a lot of talk about women breastfeeding in public, what kind of breast pump to use, and the best kind of bottle to use when you breastfeed. Women’s Health. gov “Breastfeeding” is a great resource to find out all kinds of facts about breastfeeding.

There have been studies done about the benefits of breastfeeding and brain development. So if the other benefits don’t inspire an opinion then this research just might. The study Brown University “Breastfeeding benefits babies’ brains” talks about is pretty amazing. The study shows that infants that are breastfed exclusively for 3 months or longer have “enhanced development in key parts of the brain compared to children who were formula fed or a combo of formula and breast milk.” The study shows the areas of development that are most affected are language, emotional function, and cognition. These differences are evident in the early development of the child.

Hearing advice and stories can be fun sometimes but when it comes time to make a choice look for the facts of what the pro and con really are. Remember the choice is yours. Just make sure you look at the facts and don’t let anyone bully you into or out of what you really feel is best for your child.

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