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Breastfeeding in public - updated


Maternite by Mary Cassatte, 1890

We asked, and you answered.  The responses to the article on breastfeeding in public covered a fairly wide range of opinions. There were responses covering the entire spectrum.  There are snippets below, but you can visit the original article for the full comments.

Marianne says:

I dont believe in that discreet crap. Like I am doing something wrong or something.

And Sheena comes in at the other end of the spectrum with:

I really take it like indecent exposure about the same level as peeing in public. It's just a question of education and respect not to show your breasts to people who asked nothing.

Katie chimes in with a more middle of the road opinion, and voices what most likely is similar to the reason the majority of women who don't breastfeed in public would give:

when I need to feed my little one when we are out and about I typically try to do it in the car with a coverup. That's MY personal need for privacy and discretion, not because I'm worried I'll insult someone else

And mygirlsmomma adds the most practical minded comment:

when I nurse my child without a blanket or cover and just snug her up tight, no one seems to care or notice what I am doing.

It was an interesting gamut of responses, but Sheena's was the most interesting of all.  She suggests more education would decrease the occurences of breastfeeding in public, when mostly you hear the opposite.  Her comparison between breastfeeding and peeing in public is mildly insulting even to those of us with no breasts at all.