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Breastfeeding Pillow Is A Must-Have For Former Bachelorette Star

Earlier this year, former Bachelorette star, DeAnna Pappas Stagliano gave birth to her darling little girl. Since then, life has been busy for the ex-reality star. Choosing to be a breastfeeding mom, Stagliano has got her hands full. That’s why she considers a breastfeeding pillow a must-have for simplifying her life as a new mom.

Breastfeeding Pillow Saved Stagliano’s Arms

Stagliano isn’t above asking for advice. Prior to a recent plane trip, she consulted with other moms she knew about what she should do to make the plane ride easier. One of her friends suggested for her to take a breastfeeding pillow along. So she did. She had it in her carry-on, and she made great use of it. Not only was the breastfeeding pillow helpful for nursing time, but it was also a lifesaver for when her daughter wanted to nap. If it wasn’t for the nursing pillow, her arms would have been quite sore from carrying her baby for hours without any support.

Should You Buy A Breastfeeding Pillow?

You don’t need to be a celebrity to appreciate having a breastfeeding pillow around. Any mom can benefit from having additional support while feeding the baby. Even if you’re not a breastfeeding mom, you could still use the pillow to more easily hold your baby while giving him a bottle. Or like Stagliano, you could just use the pillow to make it less heavy to hold your baby.

Breastfeeding Pillow For Everyday Use

As can be seen from Stagliano’s experience, a breastfeeding pillow can be quite the practical item to have on a trip. It’s easy to pack, and it provides comfort for the baby while lessening the weight on mother’s arms. But is a pillow made for breastfeeding any good for everyday use? Well, if you’re trying to tone your biceps via carrying your baby, then using a supportive pillow could be hindering. Otherwise, you’ll probably enjoy having the support of the pillow whenever you are resting the baby on your lap.

Definitely a Useful Purchase

There are lots of things out on the market specifically targeting new moms. Many of which are quite silly, and not at all useful to either the mother or the baby. A breastfeeding pillow is definitely a worthwhile purchase. You’re certain to use it one way or another.

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