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Breastfeeding overdose: Mother sentenced for killing baby

Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

A mother has been sentenced to 20 years in jail for a breastfeeding overdose that killed her baby. ABC News reports on April 4 that Stephanie Greene was accused of killing her child by an overdose of morphine in her breast milk. The baby, Alexis, was only six weeks old at the time of her death and had toxic levels of drugs in her system.

Greene has been found guilty of taking drugs while breastfeeding her baby daughter, but she once worked as a nurse before losing her license. The prosecution used her former profession to point out she was aware of the dangers of taking medications such as morphine while taking care of her child. Greene’s drug problems date back to 2003 because it was discovered she was taking the medications illegally.

The defense had argued that Greene was left in serious pain after a car accident and was forced to rely on medications to function because she was practically disabled. They also indicated she was still in shock over the loss of Alexis, and her lawyers plan to file an appeal.

Alexis was found unconscious by the Greene family who immediately called 911 for help. Stephanie has been blamed for not performing CPR correctly on her own child while talking in a slurred manner that seemed to indicate she was intoxicated or medicated. The child had high levels of morphine in its system, and Stephanie’s breast milk has been blamed for transmitting the drugs into her body.