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Breastfeeding mom banned from Victoria's Secret store? Told to use the alley

Ashley Clawson, a 27-year-old mother of two in Austin, Texas, was in a Victoria’s Secret store in a local shopping center when she needed to nurse her four-month-old child. According to the "Today" show on Tuesday, the unthinkable happened when she asked to use a dressing room for privacy as the store clerk told her to go out in the alley.

While Ashley Clawson did get an apology from the store and even a gift certificate, the mother ended up nursing the child in a public bathroom and felt extraordinarily embarrassed. She shared her story on Facebook and has raised the question on whether the store really cares about women who aren’t the typical thin model type and why new moms don’t feel welcome.

Victoria’s Secret stores offer their lingerie to the masses, but this latest issue faced by the mother has many shoppers outraged and some shoppers are threatening to boycott the store if there isn’t proof that actions aren’t taken to accommodate all women.

Why do people care? Victoria’s Secret implied that the store employees have received training and the policy to breastfeed in the store has been part of the company’s policy. However, few people have ever heard of either of the store’s claims. Now shoppers are suggesting to stage a nurse-in at Victoria’s Secret stores to see if they get treated like Clawson and to remind Victoria’s Secret that moms can be sexy too.

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