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Breastfeeding friendly restaurants in Manchester, NH

Jewel and the Beanstalk
Jewel and the Beanstalk
Jewel and the Beanstalk

Looking to get out with your nursling? Manchester has several breastfeeding friendly restaurants. Jewel and The Beanstalk, located on Somerville St in Manchester, offers the best of all worlds for breastfeeding moms. They're breastfeeding friendly, have a scrumptious menu, and sell locally made, hand crafted items!  They offer a wide selection of tea, including Chamomile.  You can shop and eat!  Perfect for busy moms with babies in arms! They even have some more private booths in the back for those less practiced at breastfeeding in public.

Chamomile tea is great for breastfeeding moms since it boosts the immune system, helps fight infections associated with colds, relieves muscle spasms, relaxes the nerves, soothes the stomach, and helps relieve back pain.  Your baby will also reap the benefits of its relaxing effect.  Info on herbal teas safe for breastfeeding and where to find them in Manchester, NH will be the topic of an upcoming article.

Starbucks, on South Willow St offers a place you can sit, enjoy a cuppa, and surf the web via their free wifi while discretely nursing your wee one.  The manager is very quick to happily assert how breastfeeding friendly Manchester's Starbucks is when asked via phone. 

Barnes and Noble Cafe welcomes breastfeeding moms.  They have the whole shop and snack scenario going on as well!  As an added bonus, tomorrow, Friday February 5, 2010 at 7 pm is story time in their children's section.  They also offer free wifi!  An evening out for the whole family!

If a sit down meal is what you are looking for La Carreta is breastfeeding friendly.  They have a great menu which includes vegetarian options, and lunch specials.

Panera, located on March Ave in Manchester, has no problem with breastfeeding at their establishment as long as the mom is covered up.  You can sit in one of their more private booths, relax, nosh and feed baby at the same time.  They also offer free wifi.

If you are curious about law regarding breastfeeding in public go to the National Conference of State Legislatures website for more information.  Scroll down to find New Hampshire.


  • Bob O 5 years ago

    While my X wife & I were visiting a fried our friend breastfed her child. My x was livid. I felt that it was normal even though this country apparently does or did not. I am glad that we are finally changing to accept what is so normal, but not common yet....

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