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Breastfeeding awareness month free UdderCover

Free UdderCover
Free UdderCover
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Breastfeeding is the most natural and economical way to feed a baby. Not only that, but the health benefits and weight loss that come with it - simply cannot be denied. There are many options for discretion sold these days all over Evansville in most any major chain store and even some of the smaller boutiques around the city, but UdderCovers is offering them up for free (with the cost of shipping).

A great way to celebrate the joy of breastfeeding is with a free UdderCover from They are stylish little gems that keep modest women happy in public while nursing. For just the price of shipping, any new mom would love to have one of these. They also make marvelous baby shower gifts. So have fun browsing the beautiful styles and collections on and simply use Promo Code "BREASTFEEDING2012".

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