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Breast cancer prevention screening - Can mammograms cause cancer?

Are mammograms like this dangerous or vital?
Are mammograms like this dangerous or vital?
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Radiation causes cancer. Mammograms for breast cancer prevention screenings involve the use of radiation. These two facts lead a person of average intelligence to conclude that mammograms cause cancer. Speaking personally, I began debating these facts when I thought of the lead screen used to block radiation from mammograms and x rays. Why is it considered healthy to expose ourselves to radiation of any kind?

Research has shown a significant increase in the risk of breast cancer among women who regularly receive mammograms for early detection and prevention of breast cancer.. This information comes from a very reliable source, the National Cancer Institute. In addition, it's backed up by doctors and researchers worldwide.

Why is the use of mammograms such a wide spread breast cancer prevention method?

Why do millions of women expose themselves to harmful radiation yearly as breast cancer prevention? This is a question I cannot answer. I can only speculate that since breast cancer is a scary and sometimes fatal disease, people do anything their doctor recommends, without question, in order to prevent it.

The evidence

When I began researching evidence of mammograms causing breast cancer, I was astounded by the amount of facts proving my layman's theory. There have been many articles written denouncing mammograms as prevention for breast cancer. A very small selection are listed as sources at the end of this article.

According to Dr. Hansen, of the Hansen Clinic:

"The worlds largest study of routine mammograms including 50,430 women aged 40-49, conducted at 15 hospitals across Canada from 1980-1990 found that women who got annual mammograms had 22% more breast cancer than the women who did self breast exams rather than get annual mammograms. The mammogram group had twice as many cases of cancer metastasis, than the non-mammogram group and 36% more breast cancer deaths."

An intriguing article on offers this bit of wisdom:

"Mammograms Add to Cancer Risk - mammography exposes the breast to damaging ionizing radiation. John W. Golfman, M.D., Ph. D., an authority on the health effects of ionizing radiation spent 30 years studying the effects of low-dose radiation on humans. He estimates that 75% of breast cancer could be prevented by avoiding or minimizing exposure to the ionizing radiation from mammography, X-Rays and other medical sources."

From The Townsend Letter:

"Every October, we are subjected to the heavy media explosion that mammography saves lives. But does it? A closer look at the studies does not support this claim. Two Swedish scientists reviewing all mammography trials found sufficient flaws and inconsistencies to nullify the studies' claims of a benefit from mammography. Their meta-analysis concluded, "there is no reliable evidence that mammography screening decreases breast cancer mortality." Since "mammography screening for breast cancer is unjustified", Dr. John R. Lee believes that physicians should not order routine mammography screening."

Do your own research for an informed decision.

I would highly encourage women who are interested in the truth surrounding mammography as a cause of cancer follow all links to further supporting evidence. Remember also, Marie Curie and her daughters, who are believed to have succumbed to cancer due to working with radiation. Whether self imposed or accidental, radiation causes cancer.

Don't take the chance of subjecting yourself to more doctor recommended mammograms, without reading this important information. Why not become more informed about the possible effect of breast cancer prevention screening methods on the development of breast cancer. The only way to make an educated decision is by analyzing both sides of the argument.

Please note: The author is not a licensed physician. This article is intended for informational purposes only. Consult a physician for prevention, diagnoses and treatment of breast cancer.


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