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Breast Cancer Fund: Ecology of breast cancer prevention web chat tomorrow

Breast Cancer Fund announced in a Tuesday, February, 25, 2014 eblast, its 25-minute web chat, The Ecology of Breast Cancer with Dr. Ted Schettler, on Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 7 pm EST. An excerpt from the eblast, “Why is breast cancer more common in countries where people adopt industrialized, Western lifestyles? How can an ecological model help us understand the causes, risk factors and systemic challenges associated with this epidemic disease?”

Breast Cancer Fund’s brief description of the web chat: 'Join a discussion about these questions and more this Thursday with Ted Schettler, the author of The Ecology of Breast Cancer: the Promise of Prevention and the Hope for Healing. “Dr. Schettler makes a convincing case that we must look more broadly at breast cancer to understand it. If we are able to understand the individual biology and lifestyle along with the world the individual inhabits, we will surely have a better chance not only of helping people live once they’ve been diagnosed, but keeping them from going through the devastation of getting cancer in the first place.” -Susan Braun, Board of Directors, Commonweal; breast cancer advocate'

For those that want to empower themselves with information about how to reduce one of the major relatively controllable breast cancer risk factors, this is the opportunity! The environmental causes of breast cancer are often ignored but there is evidence based research to support the information to be shared, discussed and currently applied by many proactive people.

The link above is to register; once registered, for those unable to attend live, registration also allows Breast Cancer Fund to send a link to the recording. For those able to attend live, be prepared to ask questions as Breast Cancer Fund wants this forum to be where people will not only be made aware and educated but be empowered to make immediate lifestyle changes to reduce the environmental causes of breast cancer in their lives.

Breast Cancer Fund’s tagline is, “Prevention Starts Here.” Their appeal is, “Help us to expose and eliminate the environmental causes of breast cancer. Together we can stop this disease before it starts.” Their position is, “Your partner in the prevention of breast cancer.” The Breast Cancer Fund website is inviting, interactive and informative. Take a look around!

Check out the video which uses humor to show how the environment can be polluted by everyday habits; and read the articles recommended below about the work of Breast Cancer Fund.

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