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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Key Word Awareness

Photo from:  PagePooler
Photo from: PagePooler

Breast Cancer Awareness Month takes on a whole new meaning when you look closely at what all the different organizations, foundations, and charities stand for and really do. As women and moms should support other women in need and at times we may find it beneficial to include our children and teach them how to give back. Most of the charitable groups do good things, the problems occur when they benefit from cancer awareness and cancer patients don't actually benefit.

Take for example Locks Of Love. A great organization that even involves kids. You can get your long hair cut and donated to a cancer patient who lost their hair and needs a wig right? Wrong! Locks Of Love does not donate wigs to cancer patients. They believe that losing hair to chemotherapy is a temporary situation. They only donate hair to those with life long diseases that causes hair loss or lack of hair growth. Most of the hair they collect goes to disadvanataged children who suffer from Alopecia Areat. There is no doubt that Locks Of Love is a great organization but they taint their reputation year after year by accepting donations under the guise that they too help cancer patients when in fact that is not what they do at all.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month many are reminded to do some good and look for a way to get involved. The best way to find an organization that actually does what you think it does, is to stay local. The closer to home your charity is the better you can follow who it is helping and what it stands for.

Here are a few recommendations but always do some research on your own to make sure the charity you pick is honest, upfront, and representing itself honestly.

Childhood Cancer Lifeline of New Hampshire who states that:

"Since their inception, the CCL of NH has been a volunteer organization dedicated to addressing the practical and emotional needs of New Hampshire families dealing with pediatric cancer. The volunteers know first-hand the trauma that a family faces when a child is diagnosed and they understand the challenges that families deal with before, during, and after a child’s treatment. The mission of the CCL of NH is to empower New Hampshire families who are coping with childhood cancer by providing knowledge, resources, assistance, and hope."

Knitting For Charity is a great charity that allows you to knit hats, scarfs, prayer shawls and blankets to donate to local hostpitals and cancer treatment centers in your area. You can find groups that organize the giving or this is something you and your family can do on your own.

Bras Across the River is a positive event that was put on in Manchester for the second year in a row.

"A celebration of life – championing those who have beat breast cancer, supporting loved ones fighting it, and remembering those who have succumbed to it."

Finding something that you and your family can feel good about can be time consuming but in the end well worth it. If you find any local charities that you would recommend supporting let your local community and other moms know. Sharing information and experiences with local charities in New Hampshire is the best way to keep charities honest, direct in their mission and encourage others to help.


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