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Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2009: Thermography, a life-saving breakthrough


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If you are looking for a life-saving breakthrough that goes beyond mammograms, consider thermography. Thermography offers early awareness, prevention, and detection.  Thermography has no harmful X-ray, no dangerous ionizing radiation and no painful compression.  It is also safe for woman with implants and/or mastectomies.

How it Works
Thermography measures the body’s heat. When cells begin to turn cancerous, surrounding tissues begin to look for a blood supply to feed developing cancer cells. This is called angiogenesis and creates additional heat in the area.  Thermography finds “hot spots” and cellular anomalies up to 10 years earlier than currently accepted medical exams.  This full body health scan “gives valuable information for breast and full body functional health.

Traditional mammograms do not prevent breast cancer.  They are potentially harmful because they use X-ray and ionizing radiation that are known carcinogens/poisons. With the 25-45 pounds of compression small malignant cells may rupture and spread through the   And, according to the American Journal of Roentgen Ray Society, false/positives are dependent upon the age and maintenance of the equipment, the film used, and the experience of the technician and radiologist.

Progressive health professionals nation-wide are utilizing the FDA approved process for early prevention and maintenance for their patient’s Health care needs.  In Boise, Dr. Rose Thomas, ND provides a thermogram which measures the breast, reproductive organs and full body finding areas of concern that may indicate future disease patterns or disease in process.

For more information contact Dr. Rose Thomas, ND at (208) 377-1733 * 330 N. Orchard * Boise, ID 83706 or visit www.DrRoseThomas.Com