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Breasfeeding teas, where to find them in Manchester, NH

red rasberry leaf tea steeping in glass canning jar
red rasberry leaf tea steeping in glass canning jar

Have you heard that certain herbal teas are safe for breast feeding moms to drink but are unsure about which teas are which?  Read on!  First, if you are nak (nursing at keyboard) navigate your browser to this link, tons of great info on breastfeeding and herbs

Red Raspberry leaf is one of the most commonly mentioned herbs for women in their reproductive years.  It is great for fertility, pregnancy and breast feeding.  When combined with red clover it acts as a fertility enhancer.  Drinking red raspberry tea helps tone the uterus and helps prevent miscarriage and post partum hemorrhage.  It helps ease morning sickness and also helps in the production of plenty of breast milk! 

Nettle leaf tea is one of the most nourishing teas there is!  It has nearly every single vitamin and mineral known to promote healthy human growth!  It is well known for increasing not only the amount of breast milk but also the richness of it!

A great book to read with more in depth information about herbs, pregnancy and post partum is Susan Weed's book, Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year.

A Market, on Loring Street in Manchester carries not only the loose herbs, but also many teas in prepackaged boxes of tea bags.  Some of the local larger grocery stores also carry Red Raspberry leaf teas manufactured by larger companies.  It is often more beneficial to buy the herbs as fresh as possible.  The boxed teas such as Celestial Seasonings are not as fresh, and are therefore not as effective.