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Bream bite is on fire upcoming new moon

Bream bite is on fire upcoming new moon

Bream fishing is always a blast. Every month beginning May throughout the summer, the shellcracker are on bed for four days and in a protective mode. Break out the light tackle its bream for the taking time.

Schools out grab the kids and take a camera

The bodies of Georgia water are on fire with this tiny fish. The simple pleasures of simple fishing can only mean one thing this time of year panfishing. Roostertail, try out different speeds of fishing. zLittle panfish jigs, a little weight with a hoot attached to it, you can slide a tube onto it. A swimbait with a paddle tail. Small crankbaits like a little Rebel is good, at a slow to medium speed.

Easy access on public water, no remote lakes here

If you don’t have a graph there are some commonly found ways to lock into some bream. Shell cracker are on for bottom feeding and tend to have the little bit of orange-red behind the ear. Two to 8-pound test is fine. Medium drag in lots of grass to find the bream. A palomar knot on a size 8 hook. Dropping it no more than a foot off the bottom where they like to hang out. A relatively tight line, with a piece of night crawler and the hook exposed should do the trick. Keep casting if you don’t hook a fish because they are usually spot on the bait if they are out there.

The bluegill will come up and hit off the float

A float fishing rig, a tiny bobber and a tiny splitshot, will take you where you want to go, a string full of ‘em. These fish are so good in the frying pan. On ultralight gear you are never too big to go panfishing. If you are taking your kids out, take the pliers and squeeze the barb down, so the fish is easier to remove for the kids.

A big current break

Right off the point, a school of fish could be 20 to 200 or more. You can cast it and toss it right out to the fish and catch them all day long. On bream this is the way to get someone into fishing. You are catching a lot of fish, you aren’t making long runs.

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