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Breakouts mean more than just politics at TXLP Convention

The Texas LP 2014 State Convention is for all freedom folks, not just for political people.
The Texas LP 2014 State Convention is for all freedom folks, not just for political people.
Texas Libertarian Party

Libertarian politics isn't just all about politics.

Hardcore, dedicated, committed Libertarian Party activists already know what to expect at the Texas Libertarian Party 2014 State Convention in Temple, Texas on April 11-13.

Nominating, voting, proposing, debating, speechifying, planning; that's the business of all political parties.

But for those who aren't necessarily into the politicking and the rules making and the platform changing and the point of ordering and the other wheeling and dealing of party policymaking there are the breakout sessions.

A breakout is a presentation made to a small group of people interested in a specific topic.

In order of their presentation, Friday through Sunday:

Teaching new and reminding former delegates why they're there and what they're supposed to be doing as convention delegates. Kurt Hildebrand, Arthur Thomas, Kay Crews.

For new or lapsed Libertarians who need a refresher course in handling the tough questions ("Who will build the roads!!!") and discussions on how to get the answer out. Wes Benedict, Michael Cloud.

Breaks out into three distinct flavors: DRUGS: The failure of the Drug War and the fight to legalize marijuana; DATA: How Edward Snowden outed the coercive surveillance state we live under; THE DOMINATRIX: No not that, it's about keeping government out of our bedrooms. Jax Finkel (Texas NORML), Gregory Foster (Electronic Frontier Foundation-Austin), Matt Simpson (ACLU of Texas), Melyssa Hubbard (Author, Spanking City Hall).

How elder (meaning mature, wise and experienced) Libertarians can attract and engage with the next generation of Libertarians. Noelle Mandell (Students for Liberty).

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch but ... free beer? Sorry, but It's a panel discussion about "the challenges of small business owners in a highly regulated environment." So we really do need to free beer! Jon Airheart (Rogness Brewing), Mark Shilling (Revolution Spirits), Scott Hovey (Adelbert's Brewery).

A hands on exercise in activism from the International Student for Liberty student of the year award winner. Noelle Mandell (Students for Liberty)

If all of that isn't enough for the non-politically inclined there's a gun rights rally, four different debates, a happy hour or two, a cocktail party, a big fancy banquet and a couple of lunches with lunch speakers.

And plenty of time to meet, mingle and mix it up with like-minded Libertarian Partiers.

So what's not to like?

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