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Breakout artist Moxie Raia ready to make a move with 'Reckless Passionate Youth'

Moxie Raia is ready to storm the music industry with her brand of 'Reckless Passionate Youth'.
Stephen Garnett

“As I've grown, I've realized that you have to find your own rhythm in the universe and unwaveringly stay true to it.” Words spoken by a wise and equally as passionate young songstress named Moxie Raia. With an intolerance for complacency, she is boldly cutting a path in the music industry to the cadence of her unique artistry. And she is ready! Her debut album, entitled, “Reckless Passionate Youth” finds this talented diva as the primary writer and/or co-writer on every song. She said, “If I weren't writing or co-writing on every song, it'd probably be done by now. I'm such a perfectionist with that stuff.”

In addition to that, this intuitive student of music also wrote the lead single for the soundtrack to the sizzling summer movie, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, on the 4th of July, with less than 24 hours notice, in her closet!! But don’t just take my word for it! Be among the first to find out how amazing Moxie Raia truly is, in her own words.

I caught up with Raia and she dished all the important details, from how it all started to her little guilty pleasures.

Marian: Tell me a little bit about your story and how you got your start in music?

Moxie Raia: I grew up in a really musical house. My dad eats and breathes music, Motown mostly, so I have always been just immersed in it. He told me one day I’d get a job working at a cheese shop like a good little Sicilian girl though, he didn't want me to go into the industry... But I had no choice. Music is like that.

Marian: What was your first major break in the industry?

Moxie Raia: When I dropped out of Columbia University, I moved into a house with my best friend and manager Freddy Wexler and six other guys, all songwriters, artists, and producers. It was like a songwriting commune, and I wrote most of my album there. A few months later, I signed a deal with The Brain Music and Capitol Records.

Marian: How did you get involved with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles soundtrack?

Moxie Raia: I heard about the song on the Fourth of July. I had one day to turn it around, so I skipped the fireworks and recorded and wrote the vocals on the floor of my closet where I have my little home studio set up. Sent it in the next morning and they loved it... It was all really exciting.

Marian: I understand you are in the studio working on your debut album? What can you tell me about the album? How much will you be writing, co-writing on it? Any features? Lead single? Release dates? All the good stuff you can release at this point.

Moxie Raia: My album is called Reckless Passionate Youth. And if I weren't writing or co-writing on every song, it'd probably be done by now. I'm such a perfectionist with that stuff. I do know my single though, it's called "I Love It When You Cry." Steve Aoki did a really sick remix he's been playing at festivals these last few weeks.

Marian: What have been some of your driving influences and inspirations in your career and on this debut album?

Moxie Raia: I hate numbness. I think it's worse than pain. Whether it's love or depression or total craziness, I'm inspired by people who would rather feel their heart break than never feel it beat. All of my favorite artists embrace feeling - Janis Joplin, Kanye, Stevie Wonder. My own album is all about breaking through the ice. Giving people something to feel to.

Marian: I know it is always a difficult and often over asked questions, but how would you classify your sound in terms of genre or just in terms of the type of music you want to make?

Moxie Raia: Someone at one of my shows said that I'm like Janis Joplin in a snap back. I'll take it.

Marian: Since fans and the industry are really just being intro’d to your artistry, what are some of your guilty pleasures you are willing to fess up to?

Moxie Raia: A $1 slice of pizza. You know how it goes... you can take the girl out of New York...

Marian: What have been some of the challenges you have overcome in your artistry to get to this point?

Moxie Raia: Sometimes it's hard to be in an industry where everyone has a different opinion about you... And unlike other industries those opinions are not solely about your work but they're a lot of the times about you. As an artist. As a human being. That can be hard at times but as I've grown I've realized that you have to find your own rhythm in the universe and unwaveringly stay true to it and that is the only way to win. It has to feel good to you.

Marian: What are you goals and aspirations for your career?

Moxie Raia: I want to make music that Stevie Wonder thinks is cool... Really at the end of the day. And I want to touch people and I want to feel people. A mutually beneficial exchange.

Marian: Favorite song or artist currently?

Moxie Raia: Hm I want to give a shoutout to some women. I find I listen to male singers a lot but been vibing to the beauty FKA Twigs lately.

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