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Breaking up with an abusive partner

If you are like millions of people today who live, wake and breathe in an abusive relationship and are thinking of getting out, do it! Anytime your partner is physically  harming you or your children, you should step away from that relationship immediately.  There is no excuse that you or your children should have to endure it. It won't ever change, regardless of what you hope for. 

People who abuse other people as a means of relieving anger, expressing emotion or "out of love" have a psychological problem.  It's not normal; you didn't deserve it and they aren't going to change.  The only thing that is going to change about that situation is if you make it change and walk away.  If you are anything like me, you can definitely find the good in people, even if the bad outweighs the good.  You have to realize that most people have some good in them, but that doesn't make them good enough for you. 

When you leave your partner, you should sever all ties to that person. This includes phone contact, seeing each other out in the public and any and all sexual contact.  Any form of contact with this person will only add fuel to the fire and make them think that there could still be some emotional ties, thus allowing this person to believe that they still have the right to call you, come over and eventually abuse you. 

Be safe, not sorry!


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