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Breaking up is hard to do, especially with Apple

On a warm September day I unplugged my iPhone 5 and headed to the nearest sprint store. I had a lengthy romance with Apple, but cell phone romances are a fickle thing. I was in the market for something new and different. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, but I knew I had outgrown the confines of the iPhone. I was ready to cut ties and take up with Android.

I had a few encounters in the past. I cheated on Apple here and there with an Android tablet. I flirted with a friend’s Galaxy Note while looking for directions, but in the past I had always came home to my iPhone, apologetic for my wandering ways. On that warm September day, however, I was finally ready to cut ties for good. iOS 7 was the nail in the coffin for me. I needed to make a clean break, and I thought I had. I selected a Shiny, red HTC One within minutes of walking into the store. It was new, it was different, and it had all sorts of fun, new features. I was happy with my selection, until I realized ending my romance with Apple wasn’t as simple as just picking up a new phone and casting the iPhone 5 aside.

After I left Sprint I continued on with a few more errands. My phone was suspiciously quiet. About two hours into my journey I received a frantic phone call from the other love of my life, my human boyfriend. “Where are you, I texted you like 10 times?” he shrieked into the phone. That was odd, since I hadn’t received a text message since getting my new phone set up. An hour later I got an e-mail from my boss enquiring about my lack of text communication. Again, that was certainly strange. I hadn’t received a text from him, or anyone else for that matter. By the time the evening rolled around, I knew something was amiss. E-mails and phone calls started adding up from people who could not figure out why I had forsaken them. My best friend, my mom, my brother, and a slew of co-workers were all looking for me, assuming I had died a mysterious death as it had been hours since they heard from me.

I called Sprint to sort out the issue. Two hours later, the tech representative I was speaking to was at a loss. We reset the signal, we took the phone off the network and put it back on. We turned off texts and turned them back on. We sent countless “test” messages the never made it to the device. Finally, as sweet and helpful as she was, she had exhausted everything she had in her arsenal. She had to give up on me and my HTC One. I was told I’d have to head back to the store, perhaps they hadn’t deactivated my iPhone. The next morning I walked into the store, explained my situation, and sat around for another hour. They pulled my old phone from the depths of the stock room and showed me that it was deactivated. “Call the Apple store, maybe they can figure it out”, I was told. I left the store down, but not yet out.

Instead of calling the Apple store, I decided to do some research on my own. What I found was pretty astonishing. Breaking up with Apple is the equivalent of ending a relationship with a stage 5 clinger. In the end, iMessage was still turned on, so all of my text messages were hanging around, somewhere until iMessage was restored, except, I couldn’t restore iMessage because my i-device, was hanging out in a dusty stockroom somewhere on the eastern seaboard. I had to turn off iMessage through the Apple website. Fine, I did it. I even changed my password as suggested by internet experts. Finally I was receiving some messages, but mysteriously messages from, iPhone users were still nowhere to be found.

I went back to the trusty internet and found out that iPhone users who had the iOS 7 update, the very update that sent me running for the Android hills, was the cause of my conundrum. I had to contact every iPhone user I knew and tell them to make sure their SMS was turned on. Most of them found that it was mysteriously turned off. Once kicking SMS back on via settings, our communication was miraculously restored. Life went on and I’ve been happy with my new, Android love affair. After all of that, however, I learned one thing; Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you are trying to break up with Apple.

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