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Breaking 'Survivor' news: 'San Juan del Sur' no longer has Redemption Island

"Survivor: San Juan del Sur"
"Survivor: San Juan del Sur"
Photo courtesy of CBS, 2014. Used with permission.

In a "Survivor" first, Jeff Probst just announced today that the upcoming season, "Survivor: San Juan del Sur," will not feature the Redemption Island twist after all, a decision that was literally made at the last minute before the season began. He broke this new piece of news on EW Morning Live with Dalton Ross and Jessica Shaw today on Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM Channel 105).

As just reported yesterday, Survivor's 29th season is going to be the show's second "Blood vs. Water" season, where competitors and a loved one will compete for the million dollar prize. The first time around, Redemption Island was a huge part of the show, where once you were voted out, you were still alive with the opportunity to compete at Redemption Island and be rewarded with a chance to eventually return to the game. Loved ones had the opportunity to swap out with their loved ones to save them from possible elimination.

Well, it appears that Probst and the producers had a change of heart. Jeff Probst confirmed that "San Juan del Sur" will not feature Redemption Island. Here is his quote:

We decided, we have this arena being built: What if instead of [Redemption Island], we use it for something else. Something that will make "Blood vs. Water" a little more...interesting."

Of course, Probst did not reveal what this "something else" was...we will have to wait to find out. He mentioned more than once during the interview that when you are voted out of the game, you are definitely gone for good. That should come as a huge shock to the season's 18 competitors, who had heard Probst confirm that there was a Redemption Island in interviews leading up to the taping of the new season.

Want to weigh in on what the new twist could be? Post your comments below!

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