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Breaking-Speaker Boehner pushes for amnesty bill-snuffs Benghazi for run in 2016

Speaker of the House John Boehner foments division within the Republican ranks for his own ambitions in 2016.
Speaker of the House John Boehner foments division within the Republican ranks for his own ambitions in 2016.
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Today, The Blaze broke the story of 70 Republican House members who have signed a petition to uphold the Hastert Rule in regard to a vote on an immigration bill. The Hastert Rule deems that if a Republican House majority in a Republican controlled House is against a particular piece of legislation, the Speaker will disallow that bill from reaching the floor for a vote. However, Republican Tea Party members believe that the immigration bill is merely back-door amnesty. The amnesty bill along with the Benghazi incident and cover-up leads Augusta Political Buzz (APB) to believe that Boehner is working toward something bigger.

Although the 70 members fall short of a majority of Republicans, the immigration bill is so unpopular with Tea Party members that a confrontation with Speaker Boehner is expected.

Shortly after The Blaze broke the story, Boehner spoke to reporters and insisted that he wouldn't move a bill that draws so much animosity among Republicans. Nevertheless, APB believes that Boehner will in fact raise the amnesty specter despite an immanent split among his Republican colleagues all in the hope of gaining support from the Hispanic community for his bid in 2016.

Speaking of Benghazi, Boehner has blocked the formation of a panel to investigate the terrorist attack on an American Consulate and Annex there. If it wasn't for Rep. Frank Wolf’s (R-Va.) resolution on having a select committee render an unbiased conclusion about Benghazi, the whole issue would be left up to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) to investigate.

Yet, Boehner may not bring Wolf’s resolution up for a vote despite its overwhelming Republican co-sponsorship. Instead Boehner may opt for Issa to continue his lethargic attempt of uncovering truth with five separate committees. Death by attrition will be the “regular order” that Boehner's approach justifies.

As a matter of fact, House Speaker John Boehner is noticeably mum about his aspirations for the Republican nomination in 2016. His office staffers are conspicuously vague and his email correspondence with APB is riddled with ambiguous cipher. Boehner gives a definitive no on one hand while he asserts that any decision for seeking the presidency will be made with much forethought at the appropriate time. Apparently, the appropriate time is after he passes the amnesty bill and the Benghazi scandal evaporates. Is Boehner trying to gain favor with uninformed voters too? By showing his reluctance to pursue this vital scandal with any vigor makes him complicit in the cover-up and dangerously ambitious.

At his best, Boehner talks tough about amnesty and the Obama Administration’s follies. However, he is a glass facade with many cracks. He is dangerous to the country.

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