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Breaking news in the solar industry holds ties to the ancient past

personifying Nature's wonder
personifying Nature's wonder
Trish Wootten, CHHC

In recent months, young 13-year-old Aidan Dwyer has developed groundbreaking theories for solar panel design in conjunction with foundations embodied within Mother Nature. Originally inspired while hiking in Nature's wondrous beauty, Aidan took note of symbiotic patterns that remained continuous from one family of trees to the next. Hence, these realizations began an active exploration taking Aidan unconsciously down the path of late scientist, Leonardo Pisano or Leonardo of Pisa, better known to historians as Fibonnaci.

Who was Leonardo Pisano (aka - Fibonnaci)? His father was Guglielmo Bonaccio, and the Latin "filius Bonaccio" translates into 'Son of Bonaccio.' As Leonardo's education traveled the North African landscape, these infiltrated numerous crosshairs in both, use of mixed languages and mathematical terms, a common characteristic of that time period. Heralded as the Mathematician of the Middle Ages in Europe, his astute mind is still celebrated and unsurprisingly embodied in young Dwyer's recent experiments today. Late French Mathematician Edouard Lucas from the late 1800's was the one credited in first dubbing Leonardo Fibonnaci, as he remains known to this day.

In fact, most of our modern-day numeric systems now so easily implemented and taken for granted stem from Fibonnaci's extensive integration of the Arabic and Hindu worlds into his native home, thus paving the way for the rest of Europe. As we move onto a higher plateau for academic learning resting on the premise of a more consciously-evolved platform, this appears a poignant moment where revisiting Fibonnaci's wisdom is both, situationally appropriate and beneficial to our modern world's delicate ecosystems. It also creates pause in young Dwyer's initial findings - those of the unconscious mind evoking sheer creativity.

Those very underpinnings of the scientific world stem from a deeper, more curious composition of otherwise seemingly unconscious pursuits. Indeed, each of these requires that base provided by Fibonnaci's works and those many resources he collaborated with in Northern Africa - namely, Algeria. These speak widely to a systemic need for educational systems to shift towards a platform more substantively based in creative expression over the current linear-based formula. Conscious living does indeed correlate to that model which sustains our lives, our communities and our planet. How and what we feed our active energies in conjunction with our external environment indeed factors into longevity, communal and global health outcomes. Aidan Dwyer's first moment of inspiration was and remains rooted deeply in Mother Nature, that foundation upon which each one of us remains firmly dependent. Maintaining ties with Her core, knowledge and ultimate superiority is indeed the true path towards our collective sustainability.