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Breaking news: Syfy premieres Booth Brother’s ‘Dead Still’ on October 6 2014

Post-mortem photos included such haunting images
Post-mortem photos included such haunting images
Bonnie Marquette

The Syfy Channel’s ’31 Days of Halloween’ will be a wild and wicked ride this year. Among other ferocious films showing for Halloween is “Dead Still.”

The Booth Brothers, indie filmmakers who have specialized in horror and paranormal documentaries for Sony Pictures and Syfy have made a film so horrific that it’s said to be scarier than their previous film “Death Tunnel (Sony Pictures).” If you’ve missed the film that brought the ‘Waverly Hills Sanatorium’ into the forefront of the paranormal community, you can catch it online on Amazon. Their paranormal documentary “Spooked (seen on Syfy)” was filmed after so many of the cast and crew had paranormal experiences at Waverly. Both films are outstanding examples of indie filmmaking.

Paranormal documentaries are few and far between, Christopher and Philip Booth did a great job of showing the hideous side of a building known as ‘the most haunted place on earth while keeping the compassion needed for such a sensitive subject.

The Booths have now turned their camera, a haunted camera, towards another eerie subject, post-mortem photography. "Dead Still" is based on the Victorian practice of this eerie type of photography.

“Dead Still’s” cast include Ben Browder ("Farscape") and Ray Wise ("Twin Peaks"). It will premiere in the Syfy channel October 6th at 9pm/est. For more info go to "Dead Still's" Facebook.

Booth Brothers horror films and paranormal docs are also available on Amazon Instant Video, Redbox and iTunes.

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