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Breaking News: Rian Johnson will direct and write Star Wars Episode VIII!

Looper director will write and direct Star Wars Episode VIII
Looper director will write and direct Star Wars Episode VIII

With Star Wars Episode VII continue to loom over the movie world, the entertainment business cannot get enough from the galaxy far. far away. While many anticipate what director JJ Abrams will do with the next chapter, some cannot help but wonder what will come after Episode VII. We know that directors Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank will be helming solo films in the Star Wars universe, but a more pressing question is what about Episode VIII?. Will JJ Abrams direct both Episode VIII and IX, or will someone else take the the director's chairs? The answer to these questions have been answered as reports are warping through cyberspace stating that JJ Abrams will not be directing Star Wars Episode VIII. Deadline and The Wrap have confirm that director Rian Johnson will be both writing and directing the eighth film in the Star Wars saga.

Rian Johnson does not have a film resume like Abrams as most of his movies are unknown to general audiences. Johnson notable films consist of Brick and The Brothers Bloom. However in 2012, Johnson took a shot at the world of sci-fi with the time traveling film Looper: a film that he also wrote. While the movie did not make a killing in the box office, Looper did garner a major critical reception and received a number of awards. So while Johnson may not have a rap sheet like the Episode's VII director, it is clear that he knows how to make an innovative sci-fi film: which could be a great thing for the Star Wars franchise.

With the announcement of Johnson both directing and writing Episode VIII comes another detail in the director's involvement. According to the reports, Johnson will be involved with Star Wars Episodes IX. Does that mean he will be directing film? At this time, it is unclear. However, whether Johnson will direct Episode IX or not, he will help with the details to the film's story and make sure that whomever directs the finale knows what is going on. The future of Episode IX is still unclear so be sure to check back on updates on the story

What do you think about Rian Johnson directing Star Wars Episode VIII? Are you all for it or would prefer Abrams sticking around to direct the following two chapters? Feel free to state your opinion in the comments below. Star Wars Episode VIII does not have a release date just yet, but Star Wars Episode VII will be hitting theaters on December 18, 2015.

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