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Man gets stuck in vagina, freed by 22 Firefighters

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On June 23, in Tübingen University, Germany, 22 Firefighters have just freed a man that was stuck inside a vagina. The student had to be delivered from the huge sculpture. The young student became stuck inside a stone sculpted vagina outside the microbiology and virology department of a university in Germany.

The young man, whose name was not released, climbed into the vagina statue as a prank but suddenly ended up getting stuck, which took 22 firefighters to free him. The firefighters report of the incident says simply: "A person trapped in a stone vulva".

One of the young students friend thought the situation was funny and instead of freeing his friend decided to post images online of the event and the friend posted the image of him online saying: "I was there!!! He just wanted to take a funny picture.

The fire department were not amused with what happened as it took 22 firefighters to remove the boy who was embarrassed. It's thought that he climbed into the sculpture directly in the opening of the vagina, but slowly slipped down the wet opening where his legs became stuck at the bottom.

Jokes are spreading all over the internet about the situation and even NBC news writes a funny quote "“forceps delivery was not necessary,"

There was no damage to the giant vagina which is estimated at a value of $200,000 outside Tübingen University. Luckily the young man did not receive injury, only embarrassment and he was red faced.

The vagina sculpture was created by Fernando de la Jara and is named "Chacan" which in the Peruvian Indian language means making love.