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Breaking News: Johnny Harper Talks about The Band + on BlogTalkRadio

You've been hearing about the upcoming concerts in which Johnny Harper pays tribute to the music of The Band. The tribute series is called 'Life Is A Carnival', same as one of The Band's songs. If you're not familiar with Johnny Harper, or The Band, or neither, or both, Here's an opportunity to get to know a little bit more about them all.

Robert Phoenix is a program host on the internet radio channel, BlogTalkRadio, and spends an hour interviewing Johnny Harper on a variety of musical topics. The interview was broadcast live, two weeks ago on Fri. April 11, but don't despair! You can access it anytime by going to:

Johnny talks about The Band, about his own folk roots, and takes a shot at picking out a song lyric by Robbie Robertson that is a key passage from 'Moby Dick'. He also talks about The Band's long association with Bob Dylan.

It's well worth the listen all you musicphiles, to catch up on some classic musicians and their stories, as well as our own local musician who has toured and scoured the country for old music, and has written and contributed his own thoughts in the forms of music and lyrics to the history of American music.

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