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Breaking News: Human remains discovered on property where Baby Elaina vanished

Remains discovered on property where she vanished
Remains discovered on property where she vanished

Baby Elaina has been missing for 3 months, and now gruesome news is coming out that human remains have been discovered on the property, where she was last seen alive in Toledo, Ohio. The remains are most likely that of Elaina, who was staying with her mother Angela Steinfurth, at her mother’s boyfriend, Steven King’s home.

According to the Huffington Post the body was found inside a box that was behind other containers and piles of trash in a detached garage. This child was disposed of alongside trash, that speaks volumes of how much she was really cared for. This news is devastating and sickening.

The main suspects that have been under fire from the beginning have been Elaina’s own mother Angela, and her boyfriend Steven. Both are in jail for obstructing justice. Police claim that Steven King lied to them during their investigation, and Angela allegedly refused to get Elaina medical treatment after she discovered her child had a black eye, a bump on her head, and blood coming from her nose.

The Toledo Blade is reporting that Steven King is speaking with authorities. Is he making a deal? Is he confessing? Obviously he is hiding something if he had the gall to lie to cops.

The murder of a child, or death of a child via child abuse, could mean that he could face the death penalty if investigators think he is the one that killed Elaina. Or could he be turning on his girlfriend Angela? Did Angela actually kill her own daughter, or neglect her own daughter and ignore injuries and let her die?

The Toledo Blade also reported that law enforcement obtained new evidence, and that is why the garage was searched. Why was it not searched earlier? All along her remains were on the same property where she went missing.

It amazes me the depth of evil some people have inside them. How could Steven King and Angela Steinfurth be so sadistic as to lie to police all the while the body of this baby rots in a trashy garage? I’ve watched this ghastly spectacle unravel with horror for the last 3 months, and I hope that these two face the ultimate price for what they did to this defenseless child. Their level of cruelty and nastiness is daunting.

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